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James' Custodial Services was founded upon the principles of providing not only quality service, but services that would be affordable and satisfaction for our customers. Our overall goal is to bridge the gap between quality labor and a professional atmosphere. Hence our slogan "Where Quality Meets Professionality". With years of experience, a professional staff and great customer service, James' Custodial Services is guaranteed to bring the best services to any facility. 

Our Mission

James’ Custodial Services is committed to providing the highest quality commercial and residential environmental services available by exceeding the needs of our customers, partners, site communities as well as our employees.

Vision Statement

At James’ Custodial Services, we are diligently working to establish ourselves as the premier commercial and residential cleaning company in the nation.  We seek to generate long-term partnerships rooted in relationships of trust that demonstrate benefits for all involved.


Our Values

Respect: Valuing each person individually and acknowledging what they bring to the team. Treating team members, customers, and partners with respect and common courtesy.  


Accountability & Responsibility: Taking responsibility for our own actions. Acknowledging mistakes and swiftly fixing them without excuses. Providing solutions and not creating problems.


Integrity & Honesty: Being fully aware of what is required and having the character to complete it with or without supervision. Our customers trust us to do what they pay us for.


Excellence:  Provide the best quality performance, each time with regards to our cleaning, customer service, and partnerships.


Our Objectives

Our key objectives, critical to our goal to provide our customers with world-class cleaning and customer service, are as follows:

  • Provide our customers with professional, dependable and friendly service.

  • Foster an atmosphere of team work, in which team members understand the value of the role each one plays in the success and growth of our organization.

  • Create long term partnerships and networks that not only benefit our organization but empower us to better communities, state and nationwide.

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